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Calendar Repair

Calendar Repair
Current version
(for android 2.2 and Up):
2.1.30 Direct Link to Amazon Appstore Available on the Amazone
Direct Link to SlideME Appstore Available on the SlideME
Direct Link to Soc.io Mall Available on the Soc.io Mall
Direct Link to Appoke Available on the Appoke
Direct Link to AndAppOnline Available on the AndAppOnline

Direct Link to Google Play

Available on the Google Play


The "Calendar Repair" is an app to check and repair Android calendars.
COMPATIBILITY: with devices having the provider calendar in the OS Android.


  • Show all calendars in Android
  • Show only selected calendars in Android
  • Create local calendar
  • Delete local calendar
  • Create Google calendar
  • Delete Google calendar
  • Show all events in selected calendar
  • Check double events
  • Delete checked events
  • Edit calendar settings
  • Create Birthday reminders for contacts
  • Moving selected Events between Calendars
  • Backup Events from Calendar
  • Restore Events to Calendar
  • Search Events by Title and Description
  • Filtering Events by Date
  • Support multi Google Accounts


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